About Company

Fayyaz Enterprises

Our company, established in 1975, operates as a sourcing, buying, and inspection agency located in Karachi, Pakistan. We specialize in procuring and purchasing a diverse array of knitted and woven articles. This encompasses resort wear, fashion items, uniforms, workwear, as well as home textile products including fitted sheets and towels. Our key clientele comprises businesses from the United States, the Netherlands, and Germany. In the realm of fashion, we maintain partnerships with Jansen Fashion Germany and OTTO’s Group. Meanwhile, for uniform and workwear needs, we collaborate with Schijvens Confectiefabriek Hilvarenbeek B.V. In Karachi, our operations involve close collaboration with numerous manufacturers for the production of both woven and knitted garments. Our expertise particularly shines in handling various types of knitted fabrics such as Fleece, Terry, Jersey, and other innovative materials.

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Core Values

  • Mission

    “Our mission is to provide exceptional facilitation to our customer and suppliers, helping them achieve their objectives within the desired time frame”

  • Vision

    “ To continue providing the best possible services to our esteemed customer and suppliers for the next 50 years and beyond”

About Our Team

We maintain a dedicated team of 30 employees, each possessing distinctive expertise across various segments of our operations. This encompasses 4 merchandisers responsible for overseeing client interactions and orders, 22 quality controllers dedicated to upholding exceptional product standards, 2 individuals driving new developmental initiatives, 3 team members managing our ERP database, and 1 individual handling shipping documents and logistical aspects.

Our Success

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