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Specialise in sourcing and buying wide range of knitted and woven articles, including resort wear and fashion articles

About Us

Our company, established in 1975, is an Apparel & Home textiles Sourcing Company inspection agency based in Karachi, Pakistan. Our customers are US, Dutch, and German companies We have expertise in sourcing and purchasing a diverse selection of knitted and woven articles, which encompasses resort wear, fashion pieces, uniforms, workwear, as well as home textile products like fitted sheets and towels.

Our Products

Our textile industry produces high-quality clothing and home textile products using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We take pride in our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to providing our customers with comfortable, stylish and long-lasting products.

Apparel and Clothing

In our approach to sourcing, we value versatility, creativity and above all, professionalism. Our streamlined supply chain is designed for excellence at every stage, from development to execution. We stay up to date on seasonal trends, ensuring that our clients get great service and quality on time, all the time.

Home and Textiles

Perfect living requires the perfect style to create unique homes. We keep track of the newest ideas in home and lifestyle products, providing clients with a full suite of services from design and development to sourcing and quality control.

Apparel & Clothing

Apparel & Clothing

Home & Textile

Home & Textile

Our Success

Satisfied clients
Why Choose Us

Our Strengths

Extensive Supplier Network

Our vast supplier network allows our customer to chose the best fit for their specific requirements

Global Reach

We extend our services and products to client worldwide providing reliable solution

On-Time Deliveries

We provide best reliable solutions worldwide with emphasis on timely deliveries.

Competitive Prices

We strive to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality

Ethical Sourcing

We uphold socially responsible practices throughout our sourcing chain.

Reliable Quality

Products we source are consistently of the highest possible quality.

Global Networking

Fayyaz Enterprises has established a robust global presence, collaborating extensively with companies from the USA, Europe, and the Netherlands. Our sourcing operations extend to dynamic emerging markets across Asia, as well as regions such as New Zealand and North America. We take pride in connecting our clients with top-tier suppliers and manufacturers in these fast-rising hubs, ensuring access to high-quality products and fostering successful business relationships on an international scale.

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